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At-Home Retreat: Working in the World

Welcome to your self-paced virtual retreat! 

We're grateful and honored to bring you this series of practices that can be completed in your own time over a weekend or stretched out longer, as your schedule allows. You'll want to set an intention for your practices, one that will weave throughout the duration of your retreat. It's also recommended that you choose a dream stone that we'll be using shamanically. This can be a special crystal or simply a meaningful rock you've found in nature. In Irish Celtic Shamanism, we call this a "lia" (pronounced "lee-uh"). This word is synonymous with the ancient Irish word for "healer", and our lia practices are central and sacred to our shamanic work. 

A few tips for cultivating a healthy dream space are suggested here. Feel free to choose those that speak most to you. 

1) Tidy dreaming space. How can you make your sleep space more of a dreaming temple? ie., keep things clean, de-clutter your space, bring in aspects of nature such as a bouquet of flowers, consider aromatherapy or scents to calm and induce a deeper dream state. Can you have low or dim lighting before bed? 

2) Be mindful of the content you consume. What we take in before bed effects our dreams. Be mindful of what shows, books, and podcasts you’re taking in before bed. There is nothing wrong with watching a show or a movie, but you can also be more intentional about what you consume, choosing material that may enhance your dreams. 

3) Avoid screen time 30-60 minutes before bed. 

4) Have a small night light next to your bed for middle of the night dream scribing. The less light in the middle of the night, the better. 

5) Wifi: some people have found turning off their wifi at night supports deeper dreaming. This varies from person to person, but can be something you experiment with. 

6) If you share a bed or a room with someone, have a conversation with them about your intentions for dreaming during this retreat. Dreaming is a sacred act. Often, we don’t necessarily remember to share what we are doing with the people who are sleeping right next to us. You do not need to share your dreams, but it can be helpful to clearly communicate that you are undertaking a spiritual practice. 

Each night of your retreat, recite your intention to yourself several times just prior to going to sleep. This helps focus your subconscious mind in your dream state and is the primary foundation for dream incubation. 

There are many ways to explore your dreams and journey work. Remember, first and foremost, that intention is everything. We are in partnership with nature. We are in partnership with Living Spirit. When we seek to know ourselves deeper in these ways, healing can occur for ourselves and the planet. 

Here are some ideas of ways to play with dream discovery. Choose one or more to help ground your experiences during your retreat: 

* Make nature art using a dream as inspiration. 

* Create a mandala to express your dream, journey, or meditation. 

* Look for a thematic arc in your dreams and make a collage about it. 

* Do a tarot reading for dream clarity OR select a series of tarot cards that represent aspects of your dreams and then write about them/study them. 

* Express your dream through music. 

* Use your dream as the foundation for writing a short story. Follow the recommended order of practices, as each weaves fluidly into the next. 

Bright blessings upon your dream journey! May your deepest, most authentic expression of self and soul shine through to us all. 🙏🏼🌈🌏

Practicing Nine Dimensions of Reality

This meditation series is shared for the purpose of supporting expansion into higher states of consciousness and awareness of multiple dimensions of reality. 

This excerpt from Barbara Hand Clow's "Alchemy of Nine Dimensions" is made available to be used for nonprofit educational purposes.

The following playlist includes background music, though another video with all nine guided meditations can be found on our YT channel for those who prefer no music.